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Sump Guards

Our cast aluminum sumpguard is a must for owners intending to use their Subaru offroad or on sand. It is a bolt on replacement for the original plastic splash guard and is specially engineered to comply with airbag standards.

Why do I need one?

The original plastic splash guard provides reasonable engine protection for splashes of mud etc, but no worthy mechanical protection for sump, oil filter or lower radiator hose/housing, all of which are at risk from rocks, small animals, highly crowned roads etc.

The original unit is also very prone to being torn off completely, (almost guaranteed in sand) leaving entire under engine area exposed, which generally leads to problems with dirt/sand entering starter motors & other engine components etc.

Why cast aluminium?

This method allows us to obtain a more professional shape, similar to the shape to the original unit.

Importantly it covers out to the sides of the engine bay at the rear of the sumpguard, and upwards on the sides - unlike “folded alloy plate” versions which taper in at the rear leaving 1/3 of the engine bay open to sand/mud.

It also allows us to incorporate built in gussets, which means it is also substantially stronger than “folded alloy plate” versions. Moulding means no cutting and welding so the product will be the same every time, it always fits. The type of alloy we use is weldable, so if damage does occur, it can be easily repaired.


Proudly Australian made and airbag approved.

More information:

  • Features & Benefits
  • Construction
  • Available for:

  • Subaru XV '12 on

  • Forester '09 on
  • Forester '05 - '08
  • Forester '03 - '05
  • Forester '97 - '02

  • Outback & Liberty '10 on
  • Outback & Liberty '04-'09
  • Outback & Liberty '99-'03
  • Standard finishes:

  • Aluminium finish
  • Powder coated - black
  • Others on request